Hone is a branding studio that partners with impact-driven women in the well-being space.

Bloomin' Mamas

project scope:
+brand strategy
+VISUAL identity
+photography direction
+web design
+web development

Laura hired us to help build the foundational elements of her brand. She’d been in business on her own for about 6 months and operating as a doula for even longer. She came to us clear on who she wanted to serve and how she shows up in her work. Using her unique approach and her desired target clientele, we crafted a warm, comforting and nurturing brand. We considered her desired audience’s phase of life and state of mind when seeking out support, and crafted messaging and built a brand around what we knew would allow them to feel at home when they came across her brand. 

experience it here

“After I launched the site, I received so many compliments and even booked 2 packages! I really feel it is a true reflection of how I approach my work as a doula, and I never would have been able to do this without your help. This might sound cheesy... but sharing my brand has honestly been one of my most proud moments!”

- laura, doula

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