Evoking Sustainable Shifts For Lifestyle-Led Entrepreneurs

Our experience has been refined over time to bring unparalleled finesse to your brand aesthetics, but even more importantly, to bring fulfillment. We see the powerful work you do and are keen, and equipped, to contribute to your movement.


Hone creates mindful impact with meaningful designs,

while ensuring a compelling experience. Empowering you to grow sustainably while bringing the sincerity necessary for a heart & business like yours. 

an approach Honed to

Help you be consistent & cohesive.
Align with your values.
Create intentional change.
Contribute to a balanced, present life.
Connect with the right audience.
Instill confidence.
Lighten your load.

Our hope is to leave the world —
your world — better than we found it.

Bringing out your values with a vision-led design.


Brannan Arnett

Brannan’s passion for turning ideas into profitable designs stems from her role as a director of brand development for a
7-figure franchise. Responsible for overseeing the brand image and growth for multiple locations, she knows firsthand the power of a consistent and cohesive aesthetic — from small boutique businesses to national brands.

Prior to entering the marketing and design space, Brannan received a master’s degree in experiential education. She revels in the results that are only possible with an eye that is sharpened to appreciate new information, often unearthing hidden lessons and inspirations that become the cornerstone of her designs.

With Hone, she combines your vision with an artistic aesthetic and market analysis to bring beauty and impact to your world.

Emulating Authenticity. Driving Change. Curating Your Brand’s Unique Style.

brand strategy & design

Settle into the strategy of a brand and web design that is intent on leading with vision. All so you can move forward with confidence and ease.